2014 was a quiet but interesting year. I graduated from college, went on a three week road trip through the Black Hills with my gal Christine

Moved up to MPLS 

and after trial and error found myself a job that will let me get back to work on LITW.

There were times where I made foolish decisions.

Really foolish.

Yet, times I couldn't help but think that things were working out in my favor.

Nonetheless, I have been pretty quiet if not nonexistent about LITW. 

So the question arises where do I go from here?

Whenever I'm having a difficult time trying to decide which decision to make I am often reminded of the words of Neil Gaiman. Keep making decisions that will take you closer to your mountain. Your seemingly unachievable goal that nevertheless keeps you enthusiastic and passionate about life. Your own personal legend. 

If you haven't quite found that yet then keep searching, and stay curious as Steve Jobs would advise. It's curiosity that will keep you coming back for more when life applies her pressure on you. However, that doesn't answer the question of what's next for LITW?

Most of my music has been made in solitude. Whether that has been a good or bad experience, I have been aching to meet other people who share a similar calling.

Luckily, I have been fortunate to meet some pretty talented people. The #Freelivin crew is a talented group of artists based out of St. Paul that are going to do some big things in the coming years and it's not just their talent that makes them great. It's their work ethic and perspective to only produce authentic music. I was lucky enough to be able to work with them on a couple of their track tracks and I'm very excited for Why's new album. Throughout the course of this next year I hope to meet more artists like the #Freelivin crew and influence LITW into what I believe it can become. I hope to be able to share my experiences with other artists as well. 

@WhyKhaliq @CamonClouds @TezzyTheManager

If there is anything that MPLS and St. Paul has taught me so far it's that its people respect authentic music and artists that expose their vulnerability for the sake of making something transparent and genuine. Rather than living in this fleeting moment of youth, it is the legacy of integrity that is truly valued. While the cities may have their stark differences they are united by their rich history and appreciation for this particular counterculture. 

2014 was a quiet but interesting year and I'm excited to embrace 2015. I'm prepared to share LITW with you every step of the way. Step outside the borders of my apartment walls and sail off to the digital realm. Perhaps, even play a couple of shows. 

So here we are. Maybe where everyone else is. In between. In the middle of obscurity. 

Or maybe. We're just fine. In between where we started, and our own mountain in plain sight.